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Fire Text
Sierra Nevada Fire Forecast
Placerville, CA. Fire Danger
Chandler Burning Index: MODERATE
74.2 at 3:19 PM
Chandler Burning Index
Fire Text
  Motherlode Fire Wx Forecast  

Current California Fire News spacer California Smoky Air Forecast

Placerville, CA. Area - "Modified Watering & Irrigation Index"

Current Modified Watering Index
Current 7 Day Irrigation Index
0.22 in.
>> Minimum Water Needed To Keep Your Lawn Alive and Well & Conserve Water <<

Local Northern California Lightning Detection Radar
Placerville Lightning Radar
Lightning Radar
Placerville Lightning with Rain Radar
Lightning & Radar
Placerville Lightning 30/60 Min Replay
Lightning Replay

U.S. & U.S. Regional Lightning Detection Radar
National Lightning Detection Radar
National Lightning
Northwest Lightning Detection Radar
Northwest U.S.
Southwest Lightning Detection Radar
Southwest U.S.
Northeast Lightning Detection Radar
Northeast U.S.
Southeast Lightning Detection Radar
Southeast U.S.
North Central Lightning Detection Radar
N. Central U.S.
South Central Lightning Detection Radar
S. Central U.S.

Current Conditions Maps & Data for Northern California
sierra nevada thumb
Sierra Nevada Meso Map 1
Spacer Local Conditions Map Thumb
Local Map & Current Weather
[ Takes about 10-15 seconds to load page ]
Spacer norcal thumb
NOAA Northern California Meso Map

Fire Monitoring Satellite for the U.S. and California
Western U.S.
Visual Satellite Loop
Eastern U.S.
Northern & Southern California Satellite Loop
Visual Satellite Loop
Visual Satellite Loop
Northern & Central CA.
Northern & Southern California Satellite Loop
Visual Satellite Loop
Northern CA.
Goes-10 Infrared Ch. 2
Visible Still

Southern CA.
Goes-10 Visible
Goes Visible
Southern CA.
Goes-10 Infrared Ch. 4
Goes IR Ch. 4
Southern CA.
Goes-10 Infrared Ch. 2
Goes IR Ch. 2
Southern CA.
Goes-10 Reflectivity
Goes Reflectivity
Southern CA.
Goes-10 Shortwave Albedo
Goes Shortwave
North America
HMS Fire Analysis
HMS Fire Analysis
Probable fires will appear as sharp white "spots" in the reflectivity & infrared images

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How Forest Fires Are Started

Wild Fire Causes

Item Descriptions

The fire danger meter is for Placerville, California, which is the location of El Dorado Weather. The meter uses the Composite Burn Index or CBI. Listed within the meter is the current temperature and humidity for Placerville, two very important factors in measuring the fire danger. Also shown for the Placerville area is the Sierra Fire Forecast Text.

The rest of the page items are National fire watching tools. This includes the Fire Advisory Map, Fire Detection Map, Forest Fire Causes, and the US Fire Detection Text.

The fire dectection text lists the state, county, nearest town to the fire, and the distance in miles from the town to the fire.

The fire advisory map list the current fire danger or fire conditions severity for the lower 48 states, and shows color coded fire severity for all the national locations.

The Fire Detection Map shows all the current wild fire detections in the United States. Also listed is the exact longitude and latitude for each fire location, the nearby towns, the type of land cover such as deciduous broadleaf forest, mixed forest, or grasslands etc for example.

The pie graph is pretty self explaintory as it stands, and demonstrates a comprehensive chart of all of the causes of forest fires.


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