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1/23/2018 at 3:23:38 AM -
No thunderstorms detected
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Legend of Local Regional & U.S. Lightning Detection Maps

   Northern CA. - Realtime Lightning Radar
   Northern CA. - Realtime Lightning Radar w/replay  
   Northern CA. - Lightning & Rain Radar  
   United States - Lightning Radar
   Northwest U.S. - Lightning Radar
   Southwest U.S. - Lightning & Rainfall Radar
   Southwest U.S. - Lightning & Rainfall Radar (Loop)  
   Northcentral U.S. - Lightning Radar
   Southcentral U.S. - Lightning Radar
   Northeast U.S. - Lightning Radar
   Southeast U.S. - Lightning Radar
   U.S. Severe Weather - Severe Wx Forecast Maps
   Canadian - Lightning Radar
   World Wide - Lightning Radar

Western U.S. Lightning Stations
Diagram 1 Image    Diamond Shaped Dotted Lines Around Strikes -- This is the Thunderstorm Ranging and Acquisition (TRAC) Target feature. It displays probable thunderstorm location and tracks their movement, while analyzing storm trends and characteristics. This is accomplished by correlating the number and timing of closely clustered strikes.

Diagram 2 Image    Red Lines Trailing Diamonds -- This is the Storm Groundtracks feature. It plots a red path from a storm's position where it was first detected to the current location.


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