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El Dorado Weather's Custom Weather Scripts
[ FREE For Non Commercial Use ]

Animate GRLevel3 Radar with FlAniS:

This script is for animating your GRLevel3 Radar. It can also be used to animate just about any other image sets you need. This is done with FlAniS. FlAniS (Flash AnimationS applet) was developed by Tom Whittaker of SSEC (Space Science and Engineering Center) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The FlAniS applet is heavily used by NOAA and the National Weather Service for their enhanced radar and satellite animations. At this time, they are still in the process of updating their java animations to flanis flash animations. The documentation for FlAniS can be found HERE.

Click on 'View Demo' below to see what it looks like. If you would like to read more about it or install it, click on the 'Doc' download graphic below to get all of the installation instructions and the scripts.
Spacer GRLevel3 Radar Animate with FlAniS Demo            Download Text Document Instructions for GRLevel3 Radar Animation with FlAniS            Download Text Document Instructions for GRLevel3 Radar Animation with FlAniS
Spacer View Demo Spacer Doc Spacer    FlAniS

NOAA Ridge Radar:

This script is for animating NOAA Ridge Radar as seen HERE. This code replaces all of the previous NOAA Ridge Radar scripts I released back around 2009/2010. The script is now extremely simple to impliment where ever you want it. For the Carterlake/Saratoga weather templates, simply use the blank page template named wxnewpage.php. Or you can paste the code into any page you like. I would only request some credit with a link back to and NOAA.

Instructions: Grab the source code from the Demo page. In the script snippet before the ending head tag you will just need to put in your radar type (NCR, N0Z, N0R, N0S, or NTP). The default is NCR (composite reflectivity), as seen in the code snippet. The object code after the body tag will need your radar location and the radar type you want. The default, as seen in the code, is dax_NCR. dax is the location and NCR is the radar type. Setting up a cron job for this is NOT necessary, It should load lightning fast as is. If you want to customize the FlAniS colors or text arrangements See Here. THAT'S IT!
Spacer Download Text Document Instructions for GRLevel3 Radar Animation with FlAniS
Spacer View Demo


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