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How to Install Playa Streaming Audio Player
Using Wunderground's NOAA Radio MP3 Feeds


Special Note: We have changed to a more modern main stream flash media player over the older Playa Player. To view the java/flash JW FLV Player now in use on this site please visit This Page. You can read about our JW FLV Player with instructions for installation, use as well as being able to download it Here. Please continue to read this howto if you still have an interest in using the Playa Player.

Playa is a simple mp3 player that can play any static mp3 music, or dynamic streaming mp3 audio. Playa uses a flash-object for playing mp3's, with a Javascript API. The developer of this script recommends using Soundmanager2 if you want extra features that Playa does not offer. For purposes of streaming the wunderground mp3's, Playa is the perfect solution. Although this HowTo is based on using's mp3 weather radio streams, it works the same way for any mp3 streams or mp3 files you might wish to use. IF you decide to use the Playa flash & script on your web site, you will want to post a link back to the main Playa Web Site found by clicking on the below logo...

Get mp3 streaming java & flash player
Download Here

The good news is, Playa streaming mp3 audio player is actually pretty darn easy to install and use. If any of you have gone down a similar path as I looking for free mp3 streaming audio script, you should pretty much understand the need for some type of HowTo on what player to use and how to install it on your web site. This is basically the reason why I decided to make this HowTo, and promote a wonderful player in Playa.

View a working Playa player with all available stations in the nation at the time written. It has been decorated a bit -

Installation Instructions
First if you haven't done so already, download playa by clicking the above Playa Logo & link..

Unzip and upload it to your web server and into its own directory. If you need to have the playa files separated be sure to make the appropriate changes in the code to point to the new location.

Next go to the two below urls and copy 2 custom made files. These files have been customized and pre set up to run wunderground streaming mp3 weather radio, along with a pre made, 2 stream playlist that can be easily altered for your web site. The first file is the index.html file that will stream noaa radio, and the 2nd file is noaaradio.xml which is the play list file.

Save and rename the below index.html-readme to index.html and replace the index.html file that came with with this new one. Just rename the original index.html to something else if you like, and then upload the new index.html to your online Playa directory.

Save and rename the noaaradio.xml-readme below to noaaradio.xml, and then upload the new noaaradio.xml file to your online Playa directory. The noaaradio.xml file replaces the file called appelsap.xml that came with playa. These are playlist files, but we will only be using the noaaradio.xml file that is already referred to in the new index file.

Now all of the files should be in place to play the noaa weather radio stream. The index.html file calls on the noaaradio.xml for its playlist. Now you can point your browser to the index.html file in your online Playa directory. After needing a second or 2 to load the playlist, you should begin to hear the NOAA Weather Radio Audio Feed for Sacramento and the Northern Sierra Nevada. As the stream is downloading it should say "loading". As soon as you see the NOAA station's call letters and frequency numbers, you should now be hearing the stream.

Below is the default image of what you should see when you browse to your new playa index page. If you don't see it on your page, try a refresh/reload.. The below is just an image and will not actually work :O)

Spacer Playa Display

You are welcome to use the 2 California NOAA Weather Radio Demo files and make them your own. If you decide to use the the demo radio, I would appreciate it if you let me know where it is installed, and provide a link back to the home page of this site. The Demo Playa Player can be found Here

The index.html and noaaradio.xml file of the demo are available at the following locations -
Download noaaradio-index-demo.txt and rename to index.html
Download noaaradio.xml-demo.txt and rename to noaaradio.xml

Just upload those two files into your main Playa folder and you should now be able to run the Demo Playa Player for California Stations. Tweak and modify these 2 files for any other locations.
If you get stuck, you can email me at Here , I will try to answer any questions you might have.

Summary & Tweaks
Now that you have your audio stream working, I will go over just a few more things. The extra index.html file you downloaded was modified from the original to be compatible with Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox, as well as for targeting the wunderground weather radio streams. The noaaradio.xml file you downloaded is basically the same as the original appelsap.xml. It was renamed to better reflect its use as a noaa weather radio playlist, and to include two working wunderground weather radio streams. Enjoy!

By default as soon as your webpage is loaded up it should automatically start the stream, or play the first MP3 in the playlist. If the station you want to listen to is mute, it is most likely because the station is offline or mis-coded. If you go to new stations be careful to keep your sound set low, some stations can blast you. If you are broadcasting take care in setting your own radio volume, you really don't want to set it too high. You might try a reload/refreash to try and reconnect. Some stations take longer that others to receive, that's just the nature of the internet.

Here are the two lines of code for setting the option of playing a single file instead of a playlist.


Weather Radio Setup Notes
Your Weather Radio Station needs to be registered and set up at if you have a personal station. If your Weather Station is not yet set up with, follow their instructions HERE for setting it up and then return to these instructions.

If the Weather Radio Station is already registered with Wunderground and is currently broadcasting, you can find the station listings on the main Wunderground Weather Radio listing of all U.S. radio stations HERE at

To find the exact URL address you need for your feed: When on the main Wunderground Weather Radio listing page you can do a mouseover in the column listing under "URL:" where it says "Listen URL" to see the URL address you need for your play list. In other words you should be able to see the URL address in the footer of your browser when you move your mouse over the words, "Listen URL". You can use the Callsign and Frequency that is also listed here for your "songTitle=" name in your playlist.

You can also find U.S. Weather Radio feed info at the National Weather Service. The NOAA - NWS list of weather radio stations with the paths to their radio feeds can be found HERE -

You can do a mouseover on the city names in the NWS list to see the URL feed addresses in the bottom of your browser. However, you would only use the wunderground part of the URL address and not the part of the URL that says ""

These directions assume your browser is set up to show URL addresses when you do a mouseover on links, which should be the default browser setup.

Here are a few links to NOAA Weather Radio and Wunderground streaming radio related sites..
NOAA Weather Radio All Hazards
NOAA Nationwide Station Listing
NOAA List of Online Audio Stations (Personal Weather Stations)
NOAA Coverage Maps
Receiver Information

Wunderground NOAA Weather Radio Listings
Wunderground NOAA Weather Radio Installation WIKI
Wunderground NOAA Weather Radio Overview WIKI
Wunderground Add Your NOAA Radio Stream

NOAA Permission to Use Graphics
NWS Permission Documents

Playa Player Developer Page


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