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This live video is coming from an outdoor Axis 211M 1.3 megapixel network camera housed in a sealed outside enclosure and is facing due south. It is streaming live video & audio from Placerville, CA. USA. The camera has a full resolution of 1280x1024 or just a snapshot 800x600.

24hr Timelapse - Last 24 Hours @ 8 Frames Per hr
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Current Sky Conditions
clear  clear
Rising & Settings Time
            Sunrise: 6:33 AM     Sunset: 7:33 PM
            Moonrise: 9:41 PM     Moonset: 11:03 AM

Updated  @ 02-Sep-2015 4:43pm   
Temperature 85.0°F Warmer 0.2°F than last hour. Todays Hi: 85.4°F 4:36pm
Todays Low: 56.7 °F at 6:29am
Temp 24 Hours Ago: 91.3 °F
Temp 24Hr Diff: -6.3°F Colder 6.3°F than yesterday at this time.
Humidity 27Decreased 3% since last hour. Yesterday Hi Temp: 92.1°F at 4:04pm
Yesterday Lo Temp: 62.4°F at 3:49am
Humidity Change: -3oF /hr
Wind Wind from SW  SW    5.2 Gusts: 0 mph
High Gust Today: 17 mph at 12:34 PM
Avg 10mins: 3.8 mph
Gust Month: 21mph on 09/02/15
Pressure 29.92 Falling 0.024 inHg/hour
Pressure High: 29.98
Pressure Low: 29.92
Pressure Trend: Steady
Rain 0.00 Month Rain: 0.00
Total Rain: 0.06 in
Rain Rate: 0.00 /hr
Days since last rain: 54 Days
UV index 0.6    Low  High UV: 3.1 at 12:24pm UV Index Hi:  Medium 
Solar radiation 489 W/m2 (84% of max) High Solar: 926 at 12:44pm Moon Phase: 76% Illuminated
Feels Like: 82 Dew Point: 47.3 Decreased 2.7°F since last hour. Evaportranspiration: 0.13 Cloud Height: 8636 ft


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