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How to Use the Meso Map

You can view metric or american values by clicking on the buttons at the foot of the map. Each orange dot on the Map represents an individual, private weather station location. Click on an orange weather station dot for expanded weather information from the National Weather Service for the weather station. Doing a mouse over on an orange dot will display the stations current weather information on the menu to right of the map

The wind direction arrows will only display if there is wind to report, otherwise there will be no wind arrows displayed. You can zoom in and out of the map by selecting the appropriate magnifying glass icon on the menu. After zooming in you can select the hand icon (pan) to move the map around. The station conditions include Sky Conditions, Daily Rainfall, Dew Point, Humidity & Humidex, Barometric Pressure, Wind Direction and Speed, Wind Chill, Cloud Base, and the High and Low temperatures for the day. The temperatures, wind and barometer icons are colored according to their values as seen by the rotating color legend in the menu to the right. The barometric pressure icons will show if the pressure in rising, falling, or steady by the arrows on the icon. You can slow down the icon rotation or pause them in the menu to the right.


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