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Alerts for: North Coast - inland sections


1:40 AM PST Tuesday 23 January 2018
Tsunami warning in effect for:

  • Zone A - the North Coast and Haida Gwaii
  • Zone B - the Central Coast and Northeast Vancouver Island coast including Kitimat Bella Coola and Port Hardy
  • A tsunami warning has been issued. If you are in a coastal area that is at risk, you should move to high ground now and heed further instruction from local authorities. A tsunami is a series of waves. The first wave may not be the largest.

    Please minimize phone use in affected areas. For further information
    Go to the emergency management British Columbia website at
    WWW.EMERGENCYINFOBC.GOV.BC.CA (english only) or the national tsunami
    Warning center website at ntwc.Arh.NOAA.Gov (english only).

    Issued by Environment Canada on behalf of emergency management British Columbia


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