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West Prince Alfred

Issued 07:00 AM MDT 16 October 2017

Forecasts are unavailable until further request.

Ice Forecasts

Issued 10:00 AM EDT 16 October 2017 Today Tonight and Tuesday

Ice Edge

First ice edge from Northwest Territories near 7025N 12810W to 7020N
13045W to 6945N 13300W to 7005N 13615W to 6935N 13805W to Yukon
Coast near 6955N 14100W. Sea ice south of the ice edge.

Second ice edge estimated from Banks Island near 7145N 12435W to
7015N 12245W to Northwest Territories near 7010N 12710W. Sea ice
east of the ice edge.

Third ice edge estimated from 7120N 14100W to 7035N 13855W to 7045N
13335W to Banks Island near 7145N 12435W. Sea ice north of the ice

Ice Coverage

Forecasts available to mariners upon request.

No watches or warnings in effect.


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